Zyon Ayni

About Zyon Ayni

Ayni was born in 1973 in Israel and also holds Dutch citizenship. He is the founder and CEO of Code Pharma, a leading Dutch pharmaceutical company developing Codivir. 

Codivir, from Code Pharma,  is used as an antiviral drug against viruses. Recently, the antiviral drug had great success in clinical trials when it was used to treat coronavirus patients who eventually recovered within 48 hours.

Earlier in 2021, Codivir received emergency permits in different regions of the world for it to be used in treating coronavirus patients.

Zyon Ayni
About zyon ayni

Living Between Israel and the Netherlands

Though Zyon Ayni was born in Israel and spent the first five years of his life in the country, he is both a citizen of Israel and the Netherlands. He travelled with his family to the Netherlands for the first time at the age of 6, and he kept constantly visiting until the age of 13.

Then, he relocated to the Netherlands at the age of 13 after leaving his studies in Israel and participating in the family businesses. His relocation to the Netherlands opened up his mind to several business opportunities, and there he discovered his passion for business.

At that tender age, he dabbled in several businesses where he learnt how to use paper and a pen to manage calculations of income, expenses, and worthwhile procurements. By the time he was 32, Zyon had already founded the third-largest restaurant and leisure business empire in Amsterdam.

Through the restaurant and leisure business empire, he had employed hundreds of people and provided a source of livelihood for dozens of families.

Life-Changing Moments

A routine visit to the dentist in Israel in 2010 changed the course of Zyon Ayni’s life. This happened after he read an article in a magazine while waiting for his dental appointment. 

In the article, scientists from the Hebrew University of Israel just found a mechanism that leads to the destruction of cells infected with HIV. And that the Hebrew University was also looking for investors who could help them turn their scientific discovery into actual medicine.

After Zyon Ayni learned about the discovery in the article, his interest in entrepreneurship was reignited, remembering how much money he had made from businesses while growing up and how this opportunity is a chance for him to change the world.

In 2014, Ayni founded Code Pharma after receiving many rejections from banks, claiming that the project is an impossible fantasy. Zyon eventually financed the project from his capital and launched the project in collaboration with Professor Abraham Loyter of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Other Activities

Zyon Ayni has been involved in several activities outside business. Over the years, he has extended his philanthropic activities to regions in Africa where he finances the expenses of orphaned children by covering their tuition and accommodation. 

Also, Zyon is a professional fighter with active involvement in the martial arts Muay Thai. He has been coached by Lucien Carbin and Avner Shalom, who are legends in martial arts with world-class experience under their belts.

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