Times News: Professor Ehud Dodson was Appointed as Chairman Of Code Pharma

Professor Ehud Dodson, CEO of Clalit Health Services until last July, has been appointed chairman of the Dutch pharmaceutical company Code Pharma. Such a recruitment move is particularly significant at a time when clinical trials are being conducted in the second phase in Brazil and South Africa on the company’s flagship drug, the Codivir, which … Read more

Watch: Businessman Zyon Ayni Training in Muay Thai With Saenchai

Zyon Ayni

CEO and founder of Code Pharma, 48-year-old Israeli-Dutch entrepreneur Zyon Ayni, became The Hua Hin Muay Thai Champion after defeating local champion, Pet Pai Lin, who is 20 years younger than him. In preparation for the fight, Ayni has trained with the world-renowned Muay Thai fighter – Saenchai. Watch the following video showing Ayni’s preparations … Read more

Zyon Ayni’s Code Pharma on ynet TV

Zyon Ayni - ynet

Codivir, an antiviral medication against COVID-19, was developed by Code Pharma and its Founder and CEO, Zyon Ayni. Dr. Einat Finkelstein, Chief Scientist of the company, appeared on the ynet studio, talking about the development of the medicine, which is intended for severe patients: “We have worked with patients in Africa and we have seen great … Read more

Zyon Ayni won in Thailand: “The victory of the entire State of Israel”

Zyon Ayni

Zyon Ayni, CEO and Founder of Code Pharma, clinched Hua Hin Muay Thai Championship. He defeated local hero Pet Pai Lin. Ayni has been training with Saenchai, a world-renowned Muay Thai fighter, in preparation for the battle. Ayni said after he was crowned as a champion: “I gave it all and I am proud of … Read more

“Code Pharma playing an Important Role in the Race to Develop a Cure for COVID-19”

Zyon Ayni - IssueWire

Zyon Ayni, CEO and Founder of Code Pharma, said on IssueWire: “The entire team of Code Pharma is very excited today. We are a company of people playing an important role in the race to develop a cure for COVID-19. Our drug Codivir, was first discovered at the Hebrew University in Israel and it has … Read more

Zyon Ayni: “Potentially – a Breakthrough in the Field of Antiviral Therapy” | Yahoo

Zyon Ayni - Yahoo

Zyon Ayni, CEO and founder of Code Pharma, told Yahoo Finance about the intention to launch an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and the limited fundraising round: “Today is a very exciting day for the Code Pharma team. We are well positioned to play a key role in the current race to develop a cure for … Read more

Pressat: Codivir – One of the Most Advanced Drugs in Their Capabilities

Zyon Ayni - Pressat

Pressat published an article about Codivir, a new drug by Code Pharma against COVID-19: “Despite the various vaccines, new variants are still being discovered. However, beyond vaccines, there is a great drive towards developing antiviral medication like Codivir, which medical experts consider as one of the most advanced drugs in their capabilities”. Zyon Ayni, Code … Read more

Zyon Ayni: “We Are in Contact with Governments All Over the World”

Zyon Ayni - TradeArabia

Zyon Ayni, Founder and CEO of Code Pharma, explained in an interview for TradeArabia about Codivir, a new medication that fights against COVID-19. Code Pharma claimed that in a successful phase 1 clinical trial, the affected patients were back on their feet in 48 hours with no side effects. Ayni said: “Codivir showed great success … Read more

Code Pharma is Initiating a Phase 2 Controlled Study | Global Trend Monitor

Zyon Ayni - Global Trend Monitor

Zyon Ayni, Founder and CEO of Code Pharma, talked to Global Trend Monitor about the phase 1 study of Codivir, a medication that battles COVID-19: “The trial was conducted at Casa de Saúde, Vera Cruz Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, with Dr Florentino Cardoso and results showed that Codivir has a high safety profile while … Read more

Zyon Ayni: “We Saw Complete Elimination of the Virus in 90% to 100% of Cells”

Zyon Ayni - The Jerusalem Post

Zyon Ayni, Code Pharma founder and CEO, quoted in The Jerusalem Post about CODIVIR, a drug used to treat HIV with a direct antiviral effect on coronavirus. Ayni said that the goal is to finish the trial in three to six months and then apply for emergency use authorization. Ayni said: “We saw complete elimination … Read more