“Code Pharma playing an Important Role in the Race to Develop a Cure for COVID-19”

Zyon Ayni - IssueWire

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Zyon Ayni, CEO and Founder of Code Pharma, said on IssueWire: “The entire team of Code Pharma is very excited today. We are a company of people playing an important role in the race to develop a cure for COVID-19. Our drug Codivir, was first discovered at the Hebrew University in Israel and it has a very good safety profile and very impressive antiviral activity, both under laboratory conditions and in our Phase I clinical trials”.

“As stated earlier in other public announcements, scientific data on Codivir’s mechanism of action has proven strongly that our drug is effective against all mutations of the coronavirus, including the newly discovered Omicron variant. We have received several emergency approvals and orders for production even before the results of the Phase II study”, Ayni added.

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